Aurora ForecastBest application for seeing the Northern Lights.

Introduce Aurora Forecast Live Auroral Activity Push Notification Alerts

It's time to see the Northern Lights.


Aurora Forecast application lets you easily plan to see the Northern Lights. If you are a serious aurora watcher, plan to spend the night with Aurora Forecast application. It's time to see the Northern Lights.
Live auroral activity and forecast data is provided by NOAA POES and Geophysical Institute at UAF.

Don't miss tonight!


- Live Auroral Activity from NOAA POES
- Aurora Forecast from Geophysical Institute
- Push Notification Alerts
- Supporting graphs
- Stunning new layout
- Retina display support(iPhone, iPad)

Aurora Forecast works with all iOS running version 4.0 software or later and Android running version 2.1 or later.

What people are saying

"I really like this app. We live in Alaska and love it. We saw the aurora last night and it was beautiful. Thanks for creating duh a great app!!."
—Anna Schi***

"Luckily we saw a tremendous Aurora display last night in Sweden, where we learned of your App."
—Greg Ogon***

" For me it is one of my most useful and handy apps I have."
—Michael Low***

"All I was waiting for is push notification alerts!! Thank you."

"Great app! ★★★★★ I'm glad I've found this app!"

"Tonight’s northern lights were incredible, thanks to solar explosions"

"I just love it!!!!!
-Angela ****


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